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The following photographs are about the Museum’s campus, exhibit, vessels, and activities. You can click on an image to open a full-size file that can be reproduced. High resolution images for our special events can be found on each event's page. Click here to see our annual special events.

We request that you include a photo credit line: Photo courtesy of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.

All photos are © Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.

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Hooper Strait Burgess Iris Hooper Light House
Hooper Strait Lighthouse and skipjack Nathan of Dorchester. Hooper Strait Lighthouse at sunrise. Trailboards from the Robert H. Burgess Collection at CBMM. Apprentice for a Day boat building program at CBMM. Hooper Strait Lighthouse and the skipjack H.M. Krentz.
Apprentice for a Day Edna Lockwood Old Point Oystering Exhibit Watermens Wharf
Apprentice for a Day Program at the Museum's Boat Shop. The Museum's bugeye Edna E. Lockwood. Shipwright working on Old Point. Oystering on the Chesapeake Exhibit. Waterman's Wharf Exhibit on Fogg's Cove.
Lady Katie Marine Rail Boatyard Thomas Clyde Thomas Clyde
Skipjack restoration work on Lady Katie. Mast shaping at the Museum's Boat Yard. Sultana, left, and a traditional Chesapeake Bay buyboat visit Navy Point. The skipjack Thomas Clyde on the Museum's marine railway. Many different traditions of decoy carving are represented in the Museum's collection.