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CBMM Mascot Edna Sprit

  IMG_4789 EdnaSpritAboardPOBII_July2014

Meet Edna Sprit, CBMM’s “Salty Shipyard Kitty”

Official CBMM Mascot & Chief Mousing Officer (CMO) 

In October of 2013, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Shipyard Program Manager Jenn Kuhn heard some pitiful meowing coming from underneath a cabinet in the Shipyard office. There she found a very tiny (and very hungry) kitten. Food and water was left out for the little kitten and after a few days, the kitten began to venture out. After taking the kitten to the local vets, it was discovered that she was around four weeks old, full of fleas, worms, and quite malnourished. CBMM staff pitched in for the first vet bill and within two weeks, the kitten was free of fleas and worms, and was vaccinated.

With the weather getting colder, the kitten spent her days curled up in the administration offices, the Museum store, or in the hood of shipwrights as they worked in the boat shop. The name Edna was proposed, after the queen of CBMM’s floating fleet, the 1889 nine-log bugeye Edna E. Lockwood, however some shipwrights took to calling her Sprit, (as in the bowsprit of a boat) and both names stuck.

After posting a few pictures of the now flourishing Edna Sprit, salty shipyard cat on Facebook, an anonymous donor stepped up to cover the cost of spaying, flea medication, and other vet bills. Staff and visitors to the Museum pitch in for Edna’s food and cat treats.

Often referred to as our “Salty Shipyard Kitty & CMO,” Edna now spends her days chasing squirrels, keeping mice out of the boat shop, inspecting boat restoration projects, and greeting CBMM, Museum Store, and marina guests. She is extremely friendly and it’s not uncommon to find her aboard a marina boat or perched on the lap of the nearest person with a sandwich in their hand, waiting for a bite.

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We do need to raise money to help take care of Edna’s home. Please consider supporting CBMM’s Annual Fund through your online donation now.

Edna Sprit - Chief Mousing Officer & Official CBMM Mascot