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Employment and Internships

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is an equal opportunities employer. As an equal opportunities employer, we welcome applicants from all sections of the community regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, and transgender status. All appointments are made on merit.

CBMM is a dynamic organization with diverse staffing needs that create a variety of job opportunities. From curatorial and education staff, to shipwrights and apprentices, to accounting, fundraising, administration, and operations, professional staff work together to further CBMM’s mission.

Please bookmark and check back with us as this page is updated as opportunities arise. For other inquiries, please email


Admissions & CBMM Store

Assistant Admissions & Store Manager: The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum seeks an experienced Assistant Admissions & Store Manager to support the Manager with day to day operations of the welcome center, museum store and member’s only marina. The ideal candidate will have excellent customer service and management skills as well as experience with retail sales, merchandise purchasing, retail inventory management, point of sale systems, and supervision of employees. Experience or knowledge of marina operations is beneficial. The position is expected to support all CBMM’s initiatives including admissions, ticketing, membership, and marina sales, and be able to provide guests information regarding exhibits, education programs, restoration projects, and CBMM’s mission. This is a full-time position with excellent benefits. Weekend availability required. Send letter with resume and references to HR, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, 213 N. Talbot St., St. Michaels, MD 21663, or email


Shipwright Apprentice Program. CBMM immediately seeks a Shipwright Apprentice for the Shipyard.  Beyond restoration and public programming, CBMM’s Shipyard is working to pass fading maritime skills on to a new generation of wooden boat builders. Our Apprentice Program provides two-year apprenticeships to graduates of boat building schools, so they can receive on-the-job training and experience under the tutelage of master shipwrights. In addition to preserving historic vessels and passing on traditional maritime skills our Shipyard Staff develop programs to engage our guests.

The Chesapeake Bay shoreline was once home to scores of small boatyards where skilled shipwrights built and maintained hundreds of wooden vessels. These craftsmen not only supported the commercial growth of the Chesapeake, but they also passed along skills that had been refined over hundreds of years. Because most of these yards have vanished, and along with them, the skills and techniques of the builders, there is a deficit of proficient boat builders today.

CBMM’s Shipwright Apprentice Program offers on-the-job training in the form of a professional apprenticeship, which gives apprentices the opportunity to work on a wide variety of Chesapeake Bay indigenous watercraft. The program provides the skills and experience of a working boatyard and bridges the gap for those coming out of wooden boat building schools or similar programs. The majority of apprentices completing CBMM’s Shipwright Apprentice Program have taken jobs in the boat building or maritime industries, working in commercial shipbuilding yards or small boat yards around the Bay. Others have become shipwrights on large vessel construction projects, and several are working at other maritime museums, as well as CBMM.

Requirements, Compensation & Application 
Successful completion of an accredited boat building school is preferred, but applicants with related experience will be considered. Though not required, it is strongly suggested that applicants visit the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum campus.

Click here to download the Shipwright Apprentice Application

Mail or Email your completed application to:

Michael Gorman, Shipyard Manager
213 N. Talbot Street
St. Michaels, MD 21663-0636
Phone: 410-745-4968


CBMM is currently accepting applications for SIX 2018 Internship opportunities. Full descriptions for each internship, required skills, submission and deadline details are available by clicking the links below.

Communications and Special Events Intern
Curatorial Intern (2)
Development Intern
Education Intern
Operations Analyst Intern 

Read what these previous CBMM Interns had to say about their experiences:

AH, 2015 Education Intern from University of Mary Washington, VA
“My experience exceeded my expectation.  I did not expect to get such a wide variety of experiences which gave me a taste of what it is like to work in a museum setting.  I feel that I am leaving this position with a well-rounded experience that will be very beneficial to me in my future career.”

TW, 2016 Communications Intern from Virginia Tech
“I am currently working as the Internal and External Corporate Communications Intern at AstraZeneca at their headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.  I wanted to reach out to you and thank you and CBMM because without my experience from last summer, I would never have been able to attain this position. I am now headed into this position with confidence in myself and my experience. I am beyond grateful! ”

GL, 2016 Development Intern from Cooperstown Graduate Program
“The experience truly met my expectations.  I was allowed to work on projects that will help CBMM moving forward and I was involved in many of the central events and tasks of the department. Work assignments were very beneficial for my professional development.  Great projects to develop skills and add to my portfolio.”

AW, 2017 Development and Special Events intern from Cooperstown Museum Studies Graduate Program
“I’ve enjoyed working within CBMM’s membership program. I liked learning about the different levels and benefits and what made people consider renewing every year. With a pretty regionally based member core, members appear genuinely interested in advocating for the museum and coming to events. There is no one-size-fits-all membership program for museums to adopt, and it has been interesting learning how this membership program has grown and changed since its implementation, and membership hopes to go in the future.

“One of the great things about the program was the orientation meetings in the beginning where we had the opportunity to meet staff and tour the campus. There are also a lot of meetings that occur, and while that could quickly descend into too many meetings, I think CBMM strikes a good balance to ensure that everyone is informed, information is not getting lost in communication, and it provides the opportunity for collective feedback and to get multiple voices in the room.”

KN, 2017 Communications Intern from University of California, Davis
“The work that I was assigned aligned perfectly with my professional development, and the content that I created/collaborated on while I’ve been here will be great for my resume and portfolio.

This experience was better than I could have ever imagined. I’ve had so much fun and learned even more. Overall, it far exceeded my expectations.”

KD, 2017 Curatorial Intern from University of NC, Greenville, graduate program
“I was not expecting to be included in so many meetings and administrative discussions. I really appreciated that aspect of the internship program.

“Pete and Jen made all of the assignments beneficial for my professional development. I appreciated Pete’s willingness to share notes from the VP meeting with both staff and interns, and I also appreciated when he went over information from the financial meetings and showed Michael and me how to read the reports and understand the data.”

ER, 2017 Education Intern from Cooperstown Museum Studies Graduate Program
“I think that my work assignments were all beneficial to my professional development. I guess if Thor was more complete, that would have been better for my portfolio, but I feel like I had clearly defined projects that I can explain to potential employers. They purposely chose projects that would give me a variety of experiences.

“I think that the expectations were clearer than I expected. I was surprised when I came in the first day. Kate and Jill had created a list of all of my tasks for the summer. I had never had an internship be that organized before.”

MB, 2017 Curatorial Intern from Cooperstown Museum Studies Graduate Program
“I was granted a number of opportunities that were directly applicable to my desired career path. All of my work was relevant to my interests, and I was given the chance to explore other avenues that I was eager to learn more about.

“I did not expect to be treated as an employee. I did not feel as though I was simply an “intern.” I was included in discussions and was able to comment and speak as a colleague.”