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#4175 PA Homemade Minuet Sailboat

PA Homemade Minuet Sailboat on registered Trailer- Glen L. Designed sloop Very well kept and in excellent condition overall. This pocket cruiser can be trailered behind just about any vehicle, even compacts. Yet this boat has features and capabilities beyond it’s diminutive 15′ length. For example, the cozy cabin with nominal sitting headroom sleeps two in a 6′-4″ double berth, or you can sleep under the stars in the cockpit on equally long seats. For extended camping-type cruising, there’s plenty of storage space for a portable head and ice box, plus camping and cooking gear.Yamaha 9.9 OB. PA 9008 DH

Available at The CBMM Annual Auction Sept 2, 2017   No Minimum, No Reserve, 

                                         See Auction Rules for Details

See Pictures Here:

CBMM BOAT FOR SALE 4175 Minuet Sloop