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#5017 Alden Ocean Shell

ALDEN OCEAN ROWING SHELL. White on white color scheme with sliding seat and carbon fibre sweeps. Very good condition. Untitled, unregistered smallcraft.   $1200

Call the Boat Donations Department 410-745-4942

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#5017 Alden Ocean Shell

Throughout the year, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum makes the process of donating and buying a boat hassle-free.

For further information about CBMM’s Charity Boat Donation Program, or to inquire about a particular boat not listed here, please contact:

CBMM Charity Boat Donation Program

Administrator Karen Walpole 410-745-4942

Program Director Todd Taylor at or 410-745-4990, or

Donation Associate Josh Mills at  or 410-745-4942. 

100% of the proceeds from CBMM’s Charity Boat Donations Program support the education, restoration, and exhibition programs of the non-profit museum.