Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Academy for Lifelong Learning

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Officers, Board, Executive Committee, and Committee Chairs - Academy for Lifelong Learning

CBMM 2014-2015

Board (includes elected At-large members, Officers, Committee Chairs, and Registrar)

Robert Lonergan, President

James Adams

Sanuel Barnett, Curriculum Chair

Edward Delaney

Ann Demart, Marketing Chair

John Ford, Secretary

Brice Gambler, Treasurer

Thomas Hollingshead

Ron Lesher, ex officio, Technology Subcommittee Chair

Beverley Martin, Membership Chair

Barbara Reisert

Allison Speight, Registrar

Helen Van Fleet



Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
213 N. Talbot St.
P.O. Box 636
St. Michaels, MD 21663

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