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CBMM’s Pintail launched, for sale

(ST MICHAELS, MD – September 5, 2017) Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum staff and Apprentice for A Day (AFAD) Public Boatbuilding Program participants toasted the launch of Pintail, the recently completed 25’ draketail, with cheers and champagne on Saturday, August 26.

Construction of the boat, built through the AFAD Program, began in January 2016 as her white cedar decks, forward and aft bulkheads, white oak engine bed logs, and stainless rudder stuffing box were installed. Later, her Yanmar two-cylinder diesel engine was installed, and she was painted white with a red bottom.

Pintail features a reverse-rake round stern, referred to locally as a “torpedo stern,” “dovetail,” or “ducktail.” These were the first types of power workboats developed in the Chesapeake Bay region, having their heyday in the 1920s and going out of style in the ‘40s, when crab-potting became legal.

Pintail is now for sale; for details and pricing, contact Jenn Kuhn at 410-745-4980 or See more photos of the project at