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Meet: Alice Kreindler, Board Member

Alice KreindlerThe Chesapeake Bay has always been a natural destination for Alice Kreindler and her family. Living in D.C., she and her husband Peter spent time visiting friends and family who lived around the Bay. When the opportunity arose to purchase a home near Peter’s sister, they jumped at the opportunity. Alice remembers very clearly telling Peter that they couldn’t possibly let this wonderful property pass them by. “I came around the corner, saw the Miles River and said, ‘This is home!’”

Soon after they purchased their home in 2003, Alice and Peter began visiting the Museum with their grandchildren, as a way to give them a sense of place about the Chesapeake Bay. “It’s not just a museum. CBMM is a very dynamic place, with an exciting campus.” She and her family looked forward to regular visits, as there was always something new going on at CBMM.

Alice is especially proud of the Museum’s role in the community. The partnerships are key—especially for the larger events such as OysterFest and Waterman’s Appreciation Day—and these festivals are Alice’s favorite times spent at the Museum.

Alice points out that CBMM is a place that is truly dedicated to sharing the culture, traditions and history of the Chesapeake Bay over generations—from watermen to the water craft—it represents a complete way of life in an authentic way. She also notes that it is the Museum’s staff and volunteers who are truly to thank; “The people who have dedicated their time to the Museum over the years have helped it maintain its wonderful reputation!”

Alice is no stranger to the governance of museums. “I can’t help it, I just love museums!” She has been involved in various roles in different museums over the years, and is thrilled to have been elected to the CBMM Board in 2016. Her election to the Board is preceded by the two terms Peter served.

CBMM would like to thank Alice for her time and dedication to the Museum!