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Meet: Bob Hockaday, Board Member

Bob HockadayBob Hockaday grew up in the Baltimore area, and has always had great respect and love for the Chesapeake Bay. Having grown up as a hunter and farmer, Bob has a special appreciation for the bounty the Bay yields, and has a clear understanding of how the Bay’s health affects that bounty.  Bob’s favorite memories of the Chesapeake Bay area involve his college years in Chestertown, when he would arrange for Tuesday and Thursday classes and spend the rest of the week working as a guide for a local hunting outfitter.

Bob and his wife, Julie, moved to St. Michaels six years ago. They first became involved with the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum through partnering with their store, Guilford & Company. Soon after, Bob became more involved, drawn particularly to the Museum’s waterfowling exhibition, as he is an avid collector of gunning and waterfowling antiques. Bob was elected to the Board of Governors in 2015.

As a member of the Board, Bob takes great pride in all of the good accomplished by CBMM. He sees the role of the Museum as being an educational institution. “CBMM offers something for everyone, from ages 2 to 102. The collection, as a whole, does an excellent job of explaining the history of the Chesapeake Bay region.”

Bob wishes that everyone knew just how diverse the Museum’s collections are. “It’s rare to find all of these exhibitions in one museum.” CBMM’s expansive campus means that some collections could potentially be missed during a short visit. Because of that, Bob encourages all guests to make sure to spend a full day—at least—at the Museum.

Bob sees CBMM’s greatest role as educating current and future leaders to help ensure the lasting health of the Bay.  “CBMM presents a culture, past and present, in a way which appeals to people from all walks of life: environmentalists, watermen, property owners, children, and more.” Bob hopes that his tenure on the Board will help CBMM to advance this role. His strengths as a communicator and facilitator will help the Museum grow over the next few years.

When asked about what inspires Bob to continue supporting CBMM, his response is simple. “It’s the future. If we don’t preserve the past, we’ll miss the cyclical nature of history. The past will become the future if we are not careful. We are only caretakers for a short period of time, and it’s the Museum that passes the responsibility from one generation to the next.”

Bob recognizes the Museum’s role in the community as a major economic driver.  To Bob, CBMM is the only museum in the area that is truly interactive in all ways, and that is a major attraction.

CBMM would like to thank Bob for his time and dedication to the Museum!