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Meet: Bruce Rogers, Board Member

CBMM Rogers_BruceBruce Rogers’ connection to the Chesapeake Bay began very early in his life. Growing up in Baltimore, he can remember being on the water from the time he was six years old, whether it be sailing, boating, hunting, or fishing. Bruce understood from an early age why the Bay holds the heritage of our region. He gained a special appreciation when he was 14 years old, when he spent two weeks sailing from Baltimore to St. Michaels, and back again. Bruce’s favorite memories on the Chesapeake Bay involve snowy mornings spent in a hunting blind with friends and a favorite dog, waiting for the canvasbacks to start coming in.

When Bruce and his family moved to the Eastern Shore 30 years ago, they made visiting the Museum a top priority. Since their first visit, they’ve returned over and over again, appreciating more about the Chesapeake Bay with every trip. When he wanted to get more involved, Bruce became interested in joining the Board and was elected in 2014. What drew him to CBMM was the mission: he has a great respect for history, pointing out that even their family home is historic. He especially loves the history that the Museum’s boats encompass.

Bruce wishes that everyone could visit and experience the Museum to truly understand how interactive this special jewel is. Simply put, “It just has energy.” He points out that CBMM does a great job accenting and highlighting the Bay. As for the Museum’s greatest strengths, it’s clear that “CBMM educates kids, from ages 2 to 102. It gives back to today’s and future generations by preserving the region’s unique history and heritage.” CBMM achieves a living representation of the Chesapeake Bay’s culture, and makes it accessible to all who visit.

Bruce is able to quickly identify his favorite part of the Museum: “It’s the working part of it—the oystering and harvesting of the Bay. And seeing the kids’ reactions, of course.” It’s these children and their experiences at CBMM that inspire him to support the Museum year after year. The Museum’s mission spreads the word about what the Chesapeake Bay really is, and he takes great pride in giving back to this message. Regarded as one of the strongest brand ambassadors of the Museum, Bruce has helped improve our visibility in immeasurable ways.

Bruce finds inspiration in knowing that the Museum fills a tremendous role in the education and growth of the Chesapeake Bay. “The Chesapeake Bay makes us who we are. Without the Museum, much of our history and heritage would be lost.”

CBMM would like to thank Bruce for his time and dedication to the Museum!