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Meet: Carolyn Williams, Board Member

CBMM_WilliamsCarolyn2015Carolyn Williams, a Washington lawyer, was introduced to the Eastern Shore by one of her law partners in 1979. She remembers very clearly spending a beautiful weekend writing a brief at the end of a dock, and at that moment she became hooked on the Chesapeake Bay.

Carolyn’s favorite memories of the Bay are of the evenings when she and her husband, Colin Walsh, go by boat to St. Michaels for dinner, late in the afternoon when the water and sky are both translucent and the horizon disappears into pearly blue tranquility.

Almost as soon as she purchased her first home on the Shore in 1983, she discovered the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Carolyn jokes, “It’s just so obvious. Everyone who comes to the area hears about CBMM in five minutes, max.” The Museum’s location, exhibitions, and mission make it one of the best attractions in the area, both a local resource and a destination.

Carolyn takes great pride in the Museum. Her enthusiasm and appreciation for the Museum’s mission and work make her a wonderful board member. Carolyn is currently in her second year of service on the Board.  She has served on the Governance and Collections Committees.

Carolyn feels that CBMM excels in the preservation and archiving of the Chesapeake Bay’s history. The stewardship of this history leads to remarkable exhibitions such as the recent Chesapeake Swan Song and A Broad Reach: 50 Years of Collecting.  Carolyn and Colin dedicated a page in the “50 Years” catalogue to Colin’s father, who became a CBMM member in the 1960s and supported it for decades.

For Carolyn, the work of the staff—especially Pete Lesher and Kristen Greenaway—has secured the Museum’s position as a world-class institution. Pete is a superb curator and Kristen is a remarkable leader. Carolyn hopes that everyone will have the chance to meet them and appreciate their work.

Carolyn finds inspiration in the Museum’s work in preserving and stewarding the history of the entire Chesapeake Bay region. The subject matter and mission make it uniquely important here. Carolyn feels CBMM’s greatest contributions are improving the quality of life on the Shore and strengthening Chesapeake communities through educational and outreach partnerships.

CBMM would like to thank Carolyn for her time and dedication to the Museum!