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Meet: Charlie Robertson, Board Member

Charlie RobertsonCharlie Robertson first connected with the Chesapeake Bay as a young boy, spending his days sailing and racing. “It’s just a great place to be—the weather, the culture—just everything.” With many close friends in the area, the Bay just feels like ‘home’ to Charlie.

Spending so much time on the Chesapeake and the Eastern Shore meant that it was only a matter of time before Charlie was introduced to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Charlie first became a member 35 years ago, recognizing in those early days that the Museum was an impressive force within the community; he is now serving his second year on the Museum’s Board of Governors. Charlie brings extensive maritime museum leadership and management to his service, having also served on the board of Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea.

Charlie believes CBMM to be a valuable local resource, in that the preservation of the region’s history and the economic impact on the area ensure that the Museum has remained relevant since its founding 50 years ago, and will continue to be an important asset of the community for years to come.

Too, Charlie sees that CBMM does an especially wonderful job of bringing awareness of the Chesapeake Bay to the attention of people today—especially the younger generations; “The way the Museum shares the history of those who have made their living on the Chesapeake Bay is particularly well done.

“It really all goes back to CBMM’s mission and connecting the Bay’s people with the region’s past. This is what CBMM does best, and this is why we need to continue supporting this organization going forward.”

CBMM would like to thank Charlie for his time and dedication to the Museum!