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Meet: Dick Allen, Board Emeritus

Dick AllenDick Allen jokes that he started his life as a “Connecticut Yankee.” It was eventually business that brought him to the Chesapeake Bay area, when Dick and two friends started their own company and relocated to Rockville, MD. It wasn’t too long before Dick purchased a sailboat, and he and his wife Linda brought the boat to Oxford and quickly fell in love with the area.

Dick and Linda were particularly enamored with local history, and 40 years ago purchased a home near St. Michaels. Dick has wonderful memories of sailing throughout the Chesapeake Bay region, and learning about its history as they explored.

Dick’s love of history brought him to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. He became a regular visitor to the Museum, and joined as a member soon thereafter. With increased involvement, he quickly became friends with CBMM Past President John Valliant, and was elected to serve on the Board in 1999.

During his time on the Board, Dick served as Chair of the Board, and fondly remembers his time here as some of the best years of his life. During this time, Dick drew on his marketing experience to expand the Museum’s advertising and marketing efforts.

Dick has a very strong passion for history, and believes that CBMM encompasses the history of the Bay and surrounding areas in an incredible way. The Museum allows guests to truly grasp their sense of place while they explore what the space has to offer. Dick feels that the education programs are especially helpful, “for both young and old guests alike.”

While the Bay’s history first drew Dick to CBMM, it is its people who make it a truly special place. He is proud that Museum staff and volunteers are active and supportive in countless ways, helping CBMM build a reputation as a central tourism and educational resource for the Chesapeake Bay.

CBMM would like to thank Dick for his time and dedication to the Museum!