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Meet: Dick Snowdon, Treasurer

CBMM Snowdon_DickDick Snowdon wasn’t born in Maryland, but his connection to the Chesapeake Bay goes back to his childhood. His father was a member of the gun club in Rock Hall, and they would often come down from New Jersey to visit. He became so enamored with the area that he purchased a home here in 1977. Dick has always been drawn to the type of lifestyle that is prevalent on the Chesapeake Bay: sailing, fishing, and waterfowling. He identifies the feeling of crossing the Bay as his favorite part of living here: “When you cross the Bay Bridge coming east, there’s just something that happens to you.”

Dick and his wife, Katie, became Life Members of the Museum shortly after their move. He found the Museum “just by living here.” It was sparse in the beginning, but Dick takes great pride in how much CBMM has grown over the last 50 years. He particularly appreciates the waterfowling exhibition, along with learning more about the history of steam engines and ferry boats through the Museum’s exhibitions.

As for the Museum’s greatest contribution, Dick responds easily that it’s the continued awareness of Chesapeake Bay history that makes CBMM relevant today. “The story is about what the past has done to inform the future. We need to use this story to make sure that the Bay stays healthy.” He also points to the Museum’s quality of work—especially the educational programs and exhibitions—as CBMM’s greatest strength.

When asked what is the one thing he wishes everyone knew, Dick responded that he wants the community to appreciate “just how good the Museum actually is.” He points out that we are in the top tier of maritime museums throughout the world. He does not want to see CBMM go underappreciated when it captures the region’s history in such a strong way. As for the greatest strength that Dick brings to the Museum’s Board, it is his years of fundraising and financial management experience serving on other boards that he feels brings the most value to the CBMM Board.

Dick knows that he will always feel inspired to support the Museum. It’s what CBMM means not just to St. Michaels, but what it means to the culture and lifestyle of the entire Chesapeake Bay region that makes it so unique.

CBMM would like to thank Dick for his time and dedication to the Museum!