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Meet: Frank Marshall, Board Member


CBMM Marshall_FrankFrank Marshall has grown up on the water, and it has always played a major part in his life. At 10 years old, he was given a Penguin. He spent all summer sanding and painting it, and taking sailing lessons. At the end of the summer, Frank signed up for the Newport Beach Regatta. He was the youngest racers by far, and despite what he jokingly refers to as “a traumatic last-place finish”—which involved getting his boat caught in the irons—Frank was hooked. He continued sailing through his law school days in San Francisco and, when he moved to the D.C. area for work, he knew he wanted to be connected to water.

The Chesapeake Bay was a natural fit. Frank and his family immediately connected with the area, and have spent countless days enjoying everything the region has to offer. Frank’s favorite memories involve the time spent on the Bay with his family—especially waterskiing with his children, and watching sunsets over the water from his home on Tar Creek.

Frank and his family have been on the Eastern Shore for more than 10 years and found the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum soon after their move. “CBMM is a major destination in the area and, as such, was easy to find.” The family immediately became members after their visit. Over the years, Frank became more and more involved, and joined the Board three years ago.

It’s easy to see how much pride Frank takes in the Museum, especially the 1879 Hooper Strait Lighthouse, the Boatyard, and the Professional Shipwright Apprentice program. He sees CBMM’s greatest contribution being its ability to capture the culture of the Chesapeake Bay: as it was, as it is, and what it will become. He points out that the education opportunities for children are unparalleled, with the Museum’s work creating new Bay historians and preservationists every year.

As for the Museum’s greatest strength, Frank feels the Museum thrives with a dedicated staff, wonderful location, and the education opportunities that the Museum facilitates. Frank also points out how humbled he is by the volunteers who spend countless hours making innumerable contributions. Besides his obvious love of water, history, and the Chesapeake Bay, Frank sees his greatest contribution to the Board as his corporate management experience.

Frank wants to help ensure that the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum stays vibrant and relevant to the region and to history. He is honored to be a part of it. Frank knows that the Museum is responsible for keeping the history of the Chesapeake Bay relevant and “alive” for to today’s audiences.

CBMM would like to thank Frank for his time and dedication to the Museum!