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Meet: Jay Tawes, CBMM Friends Board

November 1, 2017

CBMM_FriendsBoard_TawesJay2017As a grandson of former Maryland Governor J. Millard Tawes, Jay Tawes was born and raised along the Chesapeake Bay in Crisfield, Md., where he sailed upon the Bay’s waters from a very early age. Jay continues his family legacy of serving the local community through his generous volunteer work, and as the current president and CEO of the Philip W. Tawes Insurance Agency, where Jay has served the Bay’s people for more than 44 years.

Jay first became connected to CBMM and the Friends Board at the encouragement of staff member Tracey Johns. They jointly served on the Crisfield Heritage Foundation’s Board of Trustees, where Jay currently serves as Chair. His volunteer work runs vast and deep on the lower Shore, including service to the Greater Crisfield Action Coalition, Crisfield Chamber of Commerce, Somerset County Economic Development Commission, and McCready Memorial Hospital.

Jay says his favorite aspects of CBMM are the massive boats, and the opportunity to experience Bay-built boats, as well as CBMM’s first-class gift shop.

“I am absolutely astounded by the activities and programs of CBMM,” continued Jay. “The heritage information being exposed to children is a great investment in our future.”

Jay joined the Friends Board in 2016, with hopes to seek knowledge and wisdom on creating synergies between CBMM’s work and that of the Crisfield Heritage Foundation. CBMM’s Friends Board is comprised of individuals who have their local and regional communities at heart, and helps guide CBMM in its endeavors to strengthen partnerships and develop new ones, while helping CBMM be a real resource to diverse audiences.

We thank Jay for his time and dedication to CBMM!