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Meet: Kathleen (Buffy) Linehan, Board Member

Buffy LinehanBuffy Linehan grew up in Maine, spending her summers attending camps on the lakes, and vacationing in Cape Cod and on the Jersey Shore. These formative experiences ensured that water would always be a central aspect of Buffy’s life.

When she found herself based in D.C. for work, it wasn’t long before she found the Eastern Shore, and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. She purchased a local home 25 years ago, and became a member of CBMM immediately following. In March, 2016, she was appointed to the Museum’s Board of Governors.

Buffy always looks forward to spending her weekends on the Eastern Shore. “About halfway across the Bay Bridge, the beauty and magic of the Bay truly hits you – and you just breathe a sigh of relief.”

When she and he husband, Ed Gabriel, began spending more time here, they also became more involved with the Museum. Buffy, a Master Gardner, began spending more of her time at CBMM volunteering to help with its native and heirloom gardens. Each summer, she looked forward to the opportunity to work on campus. “Becoming involved with CBMM was a chance for us to bond with the local community. It is such a positive place—low key, comfortable, and easy going—it’s a wonderful organization to be involved with!”

For Buffy, it’s the atmosphere that makes the Museum so special. “CBMM is a living museum—constantly changing and evolving with new ideas and events. It continues to be relevant, and people of all ages can do and learn here. You can just sense how special this place is.”

She also makes a point of bringing visiting friends and family to the Museum, pointing out that “CBMM introduces you to everything that the entire Chesapeake Bay is all about.”

Buffy brings to CBMM’s Board not only her enthusiasm for the Museum, but also her dedication and willingness to ‘roll up her sleeves’ and get to work. She sees the people as the Museum’s greatest strength. “The staff, volunteers, and especially management are all working toward a common goal. They understand the mission of this special place, and all work to make it succeed. It’s the people of CBMM that creates its personality.”

CBMM would like to thank Buffy for her time and dedication to the Museum!