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Meet: Marc Castelli, Friends Board

Marc Castelli PhotoArtist Marc Castelli first became connected to CBMM in 2011 when an exhibition of his work, The Art of the Waterman, was featured here. Marc has been a tremendous friend to CBMM ever since, exhibiting artwork, speaking at events, and most recently, contributing to the 2016-2018 restoration project of the 1889 log-bottom bugeye, Edna E. Lockwood.

Marc joined the Friends Board when it was first founded in 2015. CBMM’s Friends Board is comprised of individuals who have their local and regional communities at heart, and helps guide CBMM in its endeavors to strengthen partnerships and develop new ones, for CBMM to be a real resource to diverse audiences.

Marc holds a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Colorado, where he also pursued minor studies in Japanese Feudalism and the Russian Revolution. Marc says history is a very important draw for him and one of the reasons he appreciates and supports the work of CBMM.

For Marc, CBMM is important to the community because it preserves and incorporates all aspects of watermen heritage—a topic that is central to his artwork and life. On the Friends Board, Marc represents the concerns of the watermen and commercial fishery industry and contributes his experience as an artist. Each week, Marc accompanies and assists watermen with their work on the Bay, taking photos from which he composes his paintings. He regularly interprets several of CBMM’s historic boat restoration projects through his artwork, along with the floating fleet and other scenes from CBMM.

Marc and his wife, Phyllis, live in Chestertown, and recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. The couple has three children, and were presenting sponsors of CBMM’s Community Block Party on May 22, 2016. Marc races—and paints—the Chesapeake’s sailing log canoes, in addition to capturing the life of a waterman from an up close and personal perspective. His favorite aspect of the Chesapeake Bay is observing and capturing, through his artwork, light and water responding to different conditions.

We thank Marc for his time and dedication to CBMM!