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Meet: Martha Austin, Friends Board

CBMM_Volunteer_AustinMartha_2015Long-time St. Michaels resident Martha Austin has been a regular guest and volunteer at CBMM since moving to the Bay Hundred area in 1978. During this time she has observed CBMM grow and develop into the beloved institution it is today. For Martha, CBMM serves as a center for local economic development and a starting point for sharing the Chesapeake Bay and its way of life with guests.

Martha is happy to contribute her time on CBMM’s Friends Board, which she feels is a great group of people with fantastic ideas to share. To the Friends Board, she brings a thorough knowledge of the community and the history of CBMM for perspective as the Friends Board discusses new initiatives and programs at CBMM. Some of Martha’s favorite memories at CBMM include bringing her young children to the annual Big Band Night and Boat Auction events. To this day, Martha and her husband continue to walk to CBMM from their home in town to sit out on the deck of the Oystering Building and enjoy the view.

Looking to the future, Martha is excited to begin volunteering as a crew member aboard the historic 1920 buyboat, Winnie Estelle. She looks forward to continuing to share her love of the Chesapeake Bay with CBMM guests. Martha believes the Bay, beyond being beautiful and providing great seafood, makes Maryland, Maryland.

We thank Martha for her time and dedication to CBMM!