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Meet: Patrice Miller, Board Member

Patrice MillerCROPPEDBorn and raised on the Eastern Shore, Patrice Miller is very proud of her long-standing connections to the Chesapeake Bay—and especially to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Coming from a large family, Patrice appreciates how the importance of family is highlighted and celebrated around the Chesapeake Bay region and within the Museum experience. She has many cherished memories of times spent with her cousins at her grandparents’ home on the Eastern Shore.

Patrice has a particular connection to CBMM’s 1879 Hooper Strait Lighthouse—her grandfather was one of the keepers! She loves coming onto campus and seeing the stories and history that her family helped create. Patrice also enjoys the Museum’s decoy exhibition, with the stories and history behind each decoy highlighted.

Growing up on the Eastern Shore, Patrice regularly visited the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. “I came to know CBMM from growing up here. It has a well-deserved reputation as an important museum in the region.” Patrice became more involved with the Museum over the years, and was elected to the Museum’s Board of Governors in 2013. Her connections to and passions for the Chesapeake Bay make her an invaluable Board member.

When Patrice first joined the Board, she was amazed by just how much goes into creating CBMM’s exhibitions and in growing the Museum’s collection. She takes particular pride in CBMM’s engaging displays. “They not only present the history, but also make it accessible. People can learn so much about their environment and learn traditional boatbuilding skills here. CBMM offers interactive and hands-on learning opportunities for guests of all ages.

“There is a lot of excitement around campus right now! The Museum thinks strategically about what is needed, and makes it happen. It truly has its finger on the pulse of the entire region.”

Patrice takes great pride in CBMM, and is thrilled with the leadership shown by CBMM’s president Kristen Greenaway. “Kristen really is fantastic. Her strong leadership and clear direction have helped the Museum engage the community and youth in new ways, through exciting programs.”

CBMM would like to thank Patrice for her time and dedication to the Museum!