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Meet: Peg Keller, Board Emerita

CBMM Keller_PegPeg Keller moved from New Jersey to the Eastern Shore more than 40 years ago. Since then, she has made the Chesapeake Bay her home, with countless memories created over the years.  Peg and her family have always followed the “work hard, play hard” rule, with a focus on getting the whole family—including the grandchildren—out on the water together.

When Peg and her husband moved here, they immediately wanted to get involved in the community. Peg laughs and remembers that, at the time, she purchased Life Memberships from the Academy Art Museum, the Historical Society, and the Maritime Museum, all for $100 each. “This was enough to keep us busy!” Peg first became close with the Museum after spending New Year’s Eve on a boat with founding members of the Museum, the Van Lennep family—back when oysters were being sold from the Boat Shed for the occasion. Peg became more involved through the Garden Club, and fondly remembers when she and her husband donated the pine trees that, to this day, line the entrance to the Museum.

It’s easy to see how dedicated Peg is to CBMM. She wishes that everyone could know just how much is going on all the time; especially with the education and vocational programs. “There is so much for people in the community—there truly is something for everyone here!” Peg takes special pride in how the Museum has captured the history of the area, and views that as its greatest contribution. When asked about her favorite aspect of the Museum, Peg says that with so much going on, it’s simply impossible for her to pick one thing.

Peg sees the leadership as the biggest strength of the Museum. She points out just how many great things CBMM President Kristen Greenaway has been able to accomplish in the short time she’s been here, and looks forward to many more successes in the years to come.

What inspires Peg’s continued support of the Museum is CBMM’s dedication to community involvement. Peg has been involved at the Board level since 1997, and was elected as an Emerita in 2009. It is Peg’s energy that makes her such a valuable addition to the Museum.

Peg feels that CBMM’s greatest contributions come from impact of the staff’s work with guests and the communities served.

CBMM would like to thank Peg for her time and dedication to the Museum!