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Meet: Rick Johnson, Board Member

CBMM Johnson_Rick_EditedRick Johnson discovered St. Michaels 15 years ago, when he was on a job assignment in Delaware. He and his wife, Laurie, spent a weekend at the Inn at Perry Cabin. From that moment on, they were hooked. They purchased a home in St. Michaels within a year, and spent every weekend here. Becoming a part of the community in St. Michaels was, and continues to be, very important to them. Their fondest memories of the Bay involve sailing with friends, neighbors, and family. “It’s hard to pick just one memory!”

Rick and Laurie found the Museum on one of their regular walks, soon after purchasing their home here. Rick was immediately enamored—especially with the waterfowling exhibition, which remains one of his favorite parts of the Museum today.

When Rick was relocated to Pittsburgh for work, his and Laurie’s time in St. Michaels became limited, but their passion for the region did not. When Rick retired two years ago, he had more time to engage in the area. Rick was appointed to CBMM’s Board of Governors in 2013, and continues to serve today. His passion for the Museum, and his desire to be active, are what make him a great Board Member.

Rick wishes that everyone in the community would become CBMM members. “By only getting a day pass, you miss the opportunity to come back again and again. There is such diversity among the attractions—from At Play on the Bay to the boatyard—you can’t possibly see all there is to see in just one day.”

To Rick, the Museum is more of a waterfront park for all to enjoy. “It’s not at all intimidating, and you can be a part of it for a day or forever.” Rick knows that CBMM does an unparalleled job of tracking and maintaining objects related to the Chesapeake Bay. He also takes great pride in the Museum, especially how it presents history in an honest and genuine way, without glossing over the unpleasant aspects. To Rick, the importance of the Chesapeake Bay’s history is presented in a way to attract the hearts and minds of future generations.

Rick is proud of how the Museum is viewed in the community. He tells of sitting at a restaurant in town, and overhearing a conversation during which a tourist asked the server what he should do. She immediately responded that he absolutely had to go to the Maritime Museum—it is truly a sight not to be missed. It’s moments like these that inspire Rick’s support year after year.

Rick sees CBMM as being vital to St. Michaels’ vibrancy as a destination. “CBMM is an asset for the area, not only as an economic driver, but as a preserver of the Chesapeake’s history and culture.”

CBMM would like to thank Rick for his time and dedication to the Museum!