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Meet: Robbie Gill, Friends Board

RobbieGillIn early 2005, Robbie Gill moved with his family from Houston, TX to Easton, MD. Robbie first heard of Easton from a college friend who told him about Easton’s renowned Waterfowl Festival. When offered the opportunity to take on the role as Chief Executive Officer of the YMCA of the Chesapeake, Robbie— who is originally from the East Coast—felt the time was right to move back to the region.

Robbie’s connection to CBMM started through an acquaintance with former CBMM President, John Valliant. As a person who loves history and wanted to learn more about the community he was living and working in, Robbie says CBMM was a great place to connect with, and continues to offer that authentic sense of place for any newcomer to the area.

That connection continues today through Robbie’s involvement with the Friends Board. CBMM’s Friends Board is comprised of individuals who have their local and regional communities at heart, and helps guide CBMM in its endeavors to strengthen partnerships and develop new ones, while helping CBMM be a real resource to diverse audiences.

To the Board, Robbie contributes his experience as CEO of the Y of the Chesapeake, which serves 25,000 local Y members—half of whom are children. Robbie feels it is important for the Y and CBMM to continue their partnership, collaborating and expanding on programs that benefit the community’s youth. The Y of the Chesapeake and CBMM work in collaboration on the Rising Tide After School boatbuilding program.

A favorite CBMM memory that Robbie cherishes is visiting the lighthouse with his young children and reading the lighthouse keeper’s logs. He appreciates the Chesapeake Bay because of its sheer beauty and diversity of ways in which people can experience it, from paddling to fishing to sailing.

We thank Robbie for his time and dedication to CBMM!