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Meet: Sherri Marsh Johns, Friends Board

sherri-marsh-johns-photoSherri Marsh Johns grew up as the daughter of a Chesapeake Bay waterman. Today, as Director of the Smith Island Cultural Center, Sherri promotes the study, preservation, and celebration of the cultural heritage and history she and her family are a part of. CBMM, Sherri says, shares her values of maintaining the Bay’s cultural legacy.

As a historian, Sherri has often spent time researching in CBMM’s library. She notes that St. Michaels once struggled, as many towns along the Chesapeake did, with the decline of the seafood industry. CBMM, however, has brought economic development back to the community by interpreting and celebrating the seafood industry along with many other aspects of the Bay.

CBMM’s Friends Board is comprised of individuals who have their local and regional communities at heart, and helps guide CBMM in its endeavors to strengthen partnerships and develop new ones, while helping CBMM be a real resource to diverse audiences. Sherri brings to the Friends Board the geographical perspective of the southern region of the Bay and her experience as director of a fellow cultural institution.

Her favorite memory at CBMM is attending her brother-in-law and his wife’s wedding aboard the historic 1920 buyboat, Winnie Estelle, last summer. Sherri has a special connection to Winnie Estelle—the buyboat was once owned and operated by another brother-in-law and his father. Looking ahead, Sherri is excited to continue developing a relationship between CBMM and the Smith Island Cultural Center.

We thank Sherri for her time and dedication to CBMM!