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Meet the Staff: Kristen Greenaway

Kristen GreenawayName: Kristen L. Greenaway
Title: CBMM President
Started at CBMM: 2014
Hometown: Tauranga, NZ

1. What can you be found doing for fun on a typical weekend?
Sailing on the Bay, with friends or family, on our Cape Dory 32, Magdalena.

2. What’s one place you’ve always wanted to visit?
South Georgia Island and Antarctica. I’m a lifelong fan of Earnest Shackleton and Edmund Hillary. Rapa Nui (Easter Island) was on the list, but I visited last year!

3. What’s your favorite song to listen to on repeat?
For Today, by Netherworld Dancing Toys

4. What’s the oddest job you’ve ever had?
Working at Sanford’s fish factory (NZ) one summer, to help pay for varsity. I was on the fish guts packing line. Twelve hour days, and mum wouldn’t allow me to wear any clothing into the house when I returned home each night.

5. What’s your favorite spot on CBMM’s campus and why?
Our working Shipyard: the smells, the buzz of a thicknesser or scrape of a spokeshave, the voices of our shipwrights, apprentices, volunteers, and Rising Tide students passionately connected to and committed to building new water craft, or restoring our heritage water craft—answering queries from inquisitive guests, and helping them personally experience what it means to be associated with this exquisite maritime past, present, and future.

6. What is your earliest connection with the Chesapeake Bay?
Physically, early Spring 2014, when visiting for my first in-person interviews for the presidency position, with the family. We drove over the bridge on a beautiful morning, and were absolutely gob-smacked. But as a child, my father and I would marvel at old B&W photos of log canoes racing on the Bay. Who would have thought!

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