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Meet: Tom Seip, Board Emeritus

Tom SeipTom Seip learned to sail in Erie, PA, before moving to the West Coast for his career. He continued to sail while working in the San Francisco Bay area. When he and his wife, Alexa, began to discuss a possible retirement move, Alexa suggested the Chesapeake Bay area. After a week-long chartered boat trip around the Bay, Tom was sold. They purchased property in Easton, and moved to the area full-time in 2006.

After taking time to settle in, Alexa and Tom met with neighbors, Fran and Sumner Parker, to see what organizations they should become more involved with. Sumner—a long time CBMM Board Emeritus—immediately suggested the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Tom agreed, and was elected to the Board in 2008. Tom has always loved all things maritime, making it a natural fit for both Tom and CBMM, so much so that Tom was elected Board chair in 2013.

To the Board and CBMM, Tom contributes his strong appreciation for watercraft preservation skills and education. It is little surprise that he is most passionate about CBMM’s working boatyard, floating fleet preservation, and Shipwright Apprentice program. “CBMM is more than a collection of static exhibitions. We practice, preserve and show guests boatbuilding and related skills that have been passed down for generations,” Tom says.  “The Edna Lockwoods and Rosie Parkses of the world are disappearing, and with them the skills needed to build and maintain them. CBMM is making sure that these Bay watercraft and maritime skills are not lost forever.”

Tom believes that CBMM has made a tremendous impact on the St. Michaels, Talbot County, and Maryland economies. “The incredible success of CBMM,” Tom continued, “is without a doubt due to the incredible staff that oversees the operations. The museum is unique—and going places—thanks to the leadership of Kristen Greenaway. Things are happening, and it makes this a very exciting time for CBMM.”

CBMM would like to thank Tom for his time and dedication to CBMM!