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Charity Boat Donation Program

We accept and sell donated boats all year long!

CBMM’s Charity Boat Donation Program is one of the most reputable, highly-experienced operations in the region, giving you confidence in knowing the donation of your vessel is being handled by seasoned professionals. We accept and sell all manner of craft all year-round, and unlike other non-profits, offer long-standing boat sales and lease/charter operations, as well as the much anticipated annual rain or shine Charity Boat Auction, held at CBMM each Labor Day weekend.

We conduct transactions quickly and fairly, without the outside assistance or expense of a third-party organization. Whether you donate or buy a boat, 100% of the proceeds go toward supporting the children and adults served by our education, curatorial, and boatbuilding programs. Through your generosity, you are helping to assure the sustainability of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum for future generations.

*Each individual’s situation is different. We encourage you to consult with your tax adviser to learn how the donation of your vessel to CBMM can benefit you.

For more information, please contact us directly.
Charity Boat Donation Program Director: Todd Taylor at 410-745-4990 or
Charity Boat Donation Program Assistant: Josh Mills at 410-745-4997 or
Charity Boat Donation Administration: Karen Walpole at 410-745-4942 or

To receive a no obligation evaluation of your boat for donation purposes, please contact us for a free assessment.

CBMM respects the privacy of our donors, members, and guests. You can be assured we will never sell or share your information with anyone or any other organization.

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December 12, 2016

#4039 C&C 38 MK II Sloop

C&C 38 MK II Sloop. 1977 Racer / Cruiser from a bygone era. If you owned this boat in the ’70’s or even ’80’s, you really had something. These boats are what earned C&C the reputation as the ‘boat to …

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#4037 HOBIE CAT 16

HOBIE CAT 16. A good yellow one. Excellent sails, trampoline in nice shape, including untitled storage trailer.  Rudders are missing. Most fun on the water for the money ! unregistered,untitled small craft, not intended for motorization.  $975 See Pictures Here: …

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CORE SOUND SKIFF. Traditional 15 ft. wooden c/b skiff with sprit sailing rig. Very classic, appealing work boat lines and simple, quality construction. Some minor repairs needed, but an excellent craft all in all. Well worth the work to get …

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#4031 MOHAWK 16 ft. CANOE

MOHAWK CANOE. 16 ft. x 3 ft. beam. 1990 Fiberglass. Good all around canoe. HIN #: MMN80478F090.  $250.   See Pictures Here: Throughout the year, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum makes the process of donating and buying a boat hassle-free. For further …

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FLYING SCOT One Design Sloop. Very popular classic 19 ft. planing sport boat. Loads of fun with competitive fleets around the nation. Complete with very good sails and untitled storage trailer. Good overall condition, but with slightly bent mast. Untitled …

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#4029 ETAP 23 ft. SLOOP

ETAP 23 ft. SLOOP. 1985. High quality pocket cruiser touted as being ‘unsinkable’ .  Trailer-able design with retractable keel.  No trailer included. Neat boat with freshly serviced 8 hp Yamaha 4 stroke motor, nice interior, cockpit cover/boom tent. Full set …

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November 14, 2016

#4027 CUSTOM Row/Sailing Boat

CUSTOM 16-FT. ROW/SAILING BOAT with sail, mast, centerboard, rudder, tiller, oars. Plywood/ epoxy construction. Very neat open water boat in good general condition but needs a few repairs. Very nice, titled 2000 galvanized trailer with new tires included.   $675 …

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October 28, 2016

#4018 SHAMROCK GRAND SLAM 24 ft. Sportfisherman

SHAMROCK GRAND SLAM. 1994. Shamrock’s 24 ft. Deep V Sport Fishing model with 23.5 degree deadrise at the transom with a beautiful flare and pronounced lifting strakes reminiscent of the Bertram Moppie. Great running boat with twin 215 hp gas …

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September 19, 2016

#4008 CUSTOM Plywood Skiff

CUSTOM 14 ft. PLYWOOD Flat Bottom Skiff. 3 ‘ 8″ Beam. Nice overall construction with 6mm Okume plywood with three thwarts and two rowing stations. Fine little craft for crabbing, fishing, or just messing about. Untitled, unregistered smallcraft not intended …

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#4006 J-24 Sailboat

J-24 One Design Racer / Cruiser. 1981 boat built by Tillotson Pearson in very nice overall condition complete with spars, rigging and sails on excellent, titled 2009 Triad trailer in excellent condition.. HIN #: TSP42610M81H. MD 5205 DA  $3,200 See …

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