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Come by boat or car!

410-745-2916 • 213 North Talbot Street • St. Michaels, MD 21663
Dockmaster: VF Channel 16 or 410-745-4946

38° 47′ N
76° 13′ W

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Maryland brings an authentic Chesapeake experience to each guest through a series of historic structures and boats, a working shipyard, plus year-round exhibitions and programs, all along a beautiful waterfront setting that has its own rich, Chesapeake history.


Click here for hours and admissions. 

See a recent Baltimore Sun photo essay about CBMM and St. Michaels here.

Your CBMM experience includes the opportunity to enjoy our changing and permanent exhibitions and waterfront park-like campus, while meeting real Chesapeake people, attending an event or program, or being out on the water on one of our boats. All ages and interests enjoy a memorable experience celebrating and learning more about the Chesapeake Bay’s culture, boats, seafood, and history with us. 

And while you’re here, be sure to meet our mascot, “Chief Mousing Officer” and salty shipyard kitty Edna Sprit.


Download CBMM's Museum Guide Here


See Talbot County's Travel Guide Here


Check out the view from our Live Webcam, taken of the Miles River from our Point Lookout Bell Tower, brought to you from our friends at WBOC-TV and Sherwood of Salisbury

Add a little something extra for the children with one of our scavenger hunts or activity backpacks!

Campus Challenge
Hooper Strait Lighthouse Scavenger Hunt
Oyster Can Scavenger Hunt
Pre-School Scavenger Hunt

Families with young children can use an activity backpack to facilitate museum exploration. Designed for children 3-6 years old, activities in the backpacks include games, puzzles, and props to encourage play and hands-on exploration within several of the museum’s exhibits, including the 1879 Hooper Strait Lighthouse. The backpacks can be reserved at CBMM’s Welcome Center during a visit, and are offered free with the museum’s general two-day admission.






CBMM Dog Policy
Leashed dogs are permitted on CBMM’s grounds during regular business hours, with the exception of festival dates. For safety reasons, non-service dogs are not permitted on CBMM’s grounds during festivals.

CBMM Inclement Weather Policy
CBMM may from time to time be impacted by adverse weather conditions. CBMM will be closed if Talbot County public schools are closed.  To check if Talbot County public schools are closed, please click here

Photos & Video
CBMM welcomes your photographs and videos of CBMM, taken for personal use, and sharing and tagging CBMM through your social media avenues (find us at @chesapeakemaritime on Instagram, for example). Commercial photography is prohibited, unless prior, written permission from CBMM’s Communication’s Department has been made.

Please note: The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum frequently takes photographs of campus, that may include our guests, that are used to promote CBMM in a number of formats. Permission is implied by your visit to CBMM. 

Drone use on CBMM’s property is prohibited, unless prior approval by CBMM is made. Please see the FAA requirements (updated 8/19/16)  for operating a drone, which must first be met prior to any consideration, along with the ability to provide a certificate of insurance naming CBMM insured.