In 2018, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum completed a new Master Plan, a guiding document that lays out a vision for the CBMM campus and is designed to greatly enhance the guest experience. The Master Plan supports CBMM’s mission and world-class maritime museum status by providing increased space for its core museum offerings, including exhibitions, education, and the working Shipyard.


The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is committed to stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay and its resources. Stewardship is a core CBMM value—and one that we take very seriously. To this end, CBMM has adopted numerous initiatives to increase the sustainability of both our campus and our operations.


An integral part of CBMM’s more than 50 years of success is in planning for the future, with a core component of that grounded in a comprehensive strategic planning process.

As the output of that process, this 2018-2022 Strategic Plan is designed as a road map for the next five years.