This oyster gardening class and workshop will provide you with all the information needed to successfully grow oysters off your dock. For the first hour, learn the practical aspects of oyster gardening, and why oysters are so important for the Bay’s health. Then, workshop time begins as we build our own oyster cages. All materials, tools, oysters, and instruction are provided. Workshop participants will leave with at least one completed cage and materials for two more. Seed oysters will be provided to all workshop participants to start your own oyster garden. The program will be led by Dr. Lawrence Rudner, retired statistician and master oyster gardener, and CBMM Workshop Education Manager Kendall Wallace.

Date/Time: Saturday, May 13, 9am-noon
Location: Van Lennep Auditorium
Cost: $200 per person for class and workshop, including materials, with a 20% discount for CBMM members; $10 per person for informational class only