(May 9 update: This event has been canceled. Stay tuned to cbmm.org for future Speaker Series programming.)

The Tripoli Monument at the U.S. Naval Academy, the oldest military monument in the U.S., honors fallen heroes of the First Barbary War. They died in the campaign to free the 307 sailors and marines from the frigate Philadelphia, who were captured and held as prisoners after their ship went aground on the rocks off Tripoli, in the first great foreign hostage crisis in the new republic. In his new book, author Frederick Leiner tells the story of what happened to the officers and men in captivity, and how they were freed. 

Prisoners of the Bashaw: The Nineteen-Month Captivity of American Sailors in Tripoli, 1803–1805
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 16, 5:30pm
Location: Van Lennep Auditorium and available virtually through Microsoft Teams Webinar
Cost: Suggested ticket price of $8 per participant. Books may be pre-purchased for $27 per copy.
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