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CBMM’s interpretive exhibitions and public programs highlight Chesapeake Bay maritime history and culture. Learn about Native American life, seventeenth- and eighteenth-century trans-Atlantic trade, naval history, the Bay’s unique watercraft and boat building traditions, navigation, waterfowling, boating, seafood harvesting, and recreation.

Unlike most museums which must depend upon tour guides or costumed re-enactors to bring life to the history they celebrate, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum offers you the real thing: Chesapeake people who actually live the story we tell. Some days, depending on the season and the weather, you could find a master decoy carver on the porch at the Waterfowling exhibit. On others, a retired crab picker might be sitting at one of the picnic tables sharing her memories of a picker’s life on Navy Point.

In CBMM’s Working Shipyard, you can watch the restoration of the Bay’s traditional vessels and talk with a shipwright, apprentice, or visiting captain. Educational programs about these topics and more are also offered every day.

CBMM’s Special Exhibitions change throughout the year featuring unique collections, maritime artists, and world-class photographers.

Donations to the Annual Fund generously support the exhibition, restoration, and education programs of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.