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CBMM’s Volunteer Program engages community members to engage in our mission of making the Chesapeake Bay available and accessible to people of all backgrounds and abilities. We foster a collaborative environment that empowers volunteers to participate and grow, and we are proud to offer a program filled with people who are interested in participating more deeply in what we do.

Through both behind-the-scenes and public-facing activities, volunteers share their time, talents, and experience to complement and enhance the work of CBMM’s professional staff. Our team advances CBMM’s mission, vision, and values, both to visiting guests and in their home communities. Volunteers help guests and each other make personal connections to the history, culture, and environment of the Chesapeake.

CBMM is committed to making volunteering and community participation accessible to people of all backgrounds and experiences. Interested? View opportunities and start the application process below. Feel free to contact our Volunteer Program staff at or 410-745-2916 to see if CBMM is the right fit for your volunteer experience.



CBMM offers a wide range of assignments for our volunteers. Opportunities include:

  • Administration and support
  • Buildings and grounds
  • Clubs and affiliates (including CBMM’s Maritime Model Guild, Model Sailing Club, and Log Canoe crew)
  • Curatorial and exhibitions
  • Education and interpretation
  • Guest services and events
  • On-the-water and dockside
  • Shipyard
  • Assignments for teens


Research shows that volunteer benefits a person’s mind and body, offers social connections, and provides an enjoyable way of learning new things for fun—or even for your career. In recognition of the time and talents that our volunteers share with our guests and communities, CBMM offers the following benefits:

  • Annual volunteer recognition reception and cruise
  • Volunteer events and socials
  • Training and social trips
  • Discounts in the Museum Store
  • Any other opportunities we can find!


The Volunteer Program matches your interests and experience with CBMM’s needs. Please follow the steps below if you’d like to be considered for the team:

Once your application packet is approved, we can welcome you to the team by connecting you with other CBMM volunteers and starting your training.

To learn how your group/organization can volunteer together, or for other specific questions, reach out to our Volunteer Program staff at or 410-745-2916.

**CBMM is committed to making volunteering and community participation accessible to people of all backgrounds and experiences. Due to the public nature of our volunteer roles, all prospective adult volunteers are subject to a background check. Please reach out with any questions about our policy and approval process.

CBMM respects the privacy of our internal and public constituents. We will never sell your personal information or share it with anyone outside the organization.


CBMM fosters a collaborative environment where volunteers are empowered to participate and grow. Training includes formal sit-down sessions and on-the-job and shadowing opportunities to support your experience with CBMM.

Teen volunteers are accepted on a case-by-case basis. The following criteria must be met:

  • Teens should lead their journey to becoming a volunteer with an adult’s support.
  • Application must be submitted at least one month before desired start date.
  • Special projects must be approved by CBMM staff and fulfill designated needs.
  • Teens are encouraged to fulfill a service requirement for their school or a community organization.

Volunteers start at CBMM with our self-paced New Volunteer General Training modules, a set of short videos and links to help you build a solid foundation as you start in the areas that interest you. You will be connected with another CBMM volunteer and with staff contacts to connect you to the team, and you are encouraged to share any skills and knowledge you are interested in bringing to the CBMM team.  CBMM hosts monthly Volunteer Education Meetings on organizational updates and topics, presented by CBMM team members or guests from our regional and academic communities. Each CBMM department provides additional assignment-specific training as appropriate.

Regardless of the roles they fill, CBMM volunteers are encouraged to learn more about the history, culture, and environment of the Chesapeake Bay through a series of themed content sessions. This training is a prerequisite for new docents, but it also offers a great educational opportunity for volunteers who interact with guests on the CBMM campus or for anyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the Chesapeake.

CBMM volunteers interested in leading tours or interpreting CBMM’s exhibits will complete our docent training program to learn the content we share and skills to interpret it for guests. This includes participating in Chesapeake Explorations 101 sessions and in our mentor program to learn the practical, applied instruction needed to lead engaging and successful guided tours and programs.