CBMM’s long-term exhibitions offer an in-depth look at the Chesapeake’s boatbuilding traditions and watercraft, the seafood industry, recreational boating, lighthouses and maritime navigation, drawing from our unique world-class collections of objects, art and photography, to tell the stories of individuals, groups and communities along the Bay.  

In 2023 and 2024, CBMM will close two of its legacy exhibitions, “Bay History” and “Waterfowling,” in preparation for the opening of a new Welcome Center that will provide an introductory experience in two new exhibitions. “Watercraft Heritage” will feature the history and stories behind more than thirty small craft from CBMM’s collection selected from our long-term storage facilities. “Stories from the Shoreline” will orient guests for their CBMM experience by providing a sense of place, highlighting changes to the environment and landscape, and exploring how humans interacted with the land and the water over time through waterfowling, crabbing, fishing and trapping, along with cultural and recreational activities including birding, kayaking, religious ceremonies and community celebrations at the water’s edge. 

Explore our current long-term exhibitions, including Historic Structures, below. 

Historic Structures

Five structures are original to the Navy Point site and have been a part of the National Register for Historic Places St. Michaels District since 1986. The District includes Miller’s House (Museum store) and the cannery warehouse (Small Boat Shed), as well as Higgins, Dodson, and Eagle Houses, historic 19thcentury homes now used as the administration buildings of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Vulnerable to storm surge and high tides, the structures were stabilized, renovated and raised on higher foundations and grading, and an archeological survey of the site was commissioned by CBMM. They now sit comfortably above the flood plain.